Real estate investment opportunities have the potential to be highly lucrative, but the risks associated with investing are often too high without the right strategy. Investors are constantly looking for the next opportunity to increase their ROI, which can distract from the risks associated with real estate investments. From fraud and litigation concerns to the tax implications of certain deals, investors face risks from every imaginable angle—without expert support from the right financial professionals, the risks can easily outweigh the rewards.

We help real estate investors with tax strategies to mitigate these risks and maximize the potential of each investment opportunity. If you want to build wealth, grow your real estate business, and gain access to practical financial advice, DPB is here to help make that happen.


Manufacturers and distributors today need to maintain operational efficiency so they can respond with agility to changes in demand. Most importantly, they need to have a clear, accurate view of their financials so they can make more cost-effective decisions. That’s where DPB comes in.

We give manufacturing and distribution companies insight into their processes to help them increase profitability and guard against disruptions.



Service businesses must adapt to their clients’ changing needs and deliver exceptional service while maintaining operational efficiency—or risk losing out to the competition. We know because we face and overcome these same challenges every day.

At DPB, we take pride in the work we do to help professional services firms find the best solutions to their unique financial problems today and create effective long-term strategies for growth into the future.


Non-profit organizations provide vital services and support for our communities. Just like any other organization with clients to support, employees to pay, and goals to accomplish, non-profits need to have a complete view of their financials so they can continue providing critical assistance where it’s needed most.

Our financial experts are here to support your mission every step of the way. Whether you need professional accounting, audit, compliance, or strategic support, DPB has the experience and expertise you need to keep making the world a better place.


Small businesses face many of the same challenges as large operations. In fact, keeping a clear view of a small business’s financials is even more critical because there is less room for error. The experts at DPB are ready to help.

Whether you need tax planning, audit, advisory, or client accounting services, we have you covered. Our team of financial professionals is here to support you however we can.


Collaboration with an experienced CPA firm is critical for businesses that need to stay in compliance with Department of Labor requirements for employee benefit plans. Regulations are often challenging to navigate, and non-compliance can result in sanctions and other penalties, which can be severely damaging for businesses.

Our financial experts provide independent auditing services for employee benefit plans with 100 participants or more. For a collaborative audit and advisory approach that keeps your business in compliance with DOL requirements, you can count on DPB for the support and expertise you need.


Give your start-up the best chance of success. Choosing the wrong business structure can have financial and tax implications that significantly affect your bottom line. Don’t let a simple yet avoidable mistake cost you.

Let DPB help you optimize your taxes with the right business structure option. Our team is ready and waiting to learn about your business so we can help you determine which business structure will give you the best tax benefits. Ready to get started? Learn more about how we help start-ups choose the right business structure.